Today we are one of the only integrated marketing agencies that focus solely on medical specialists–allergists, podiatrists, cosmetic surgeons, ophthalmologists, orthopedists, and dentists. We just like assisting doctors, Grow Their Practices, Build Their Brand, and Generate New Patient Leads.

It’s what we KNOW. It’s what we are GOOD at!

1. We have little or no learning curve. This means we do not bill you to bring us up to speed and we get started faster.
2. We have a strong knowledge base (and database) of what works and what doesn’t work in the market.
3. We can pool our clients’ ad dollars to negotiate better rates.
4. We can do more with less people, which means competitive agency rates.
5. We help to drive business development activities through synergies and our network. Many of our clients network with each for patient referrals

Our experience in medical practice marketing encompasses many different fields and practices. From traditional media – radio, and television to interactive marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Development. We have the background and resources to help you meet your business objectives.