Utilizing SEO or SEM to market your medical practice is a great medium for small and medium size medical practices to generate awareness in your local area.  One of the greatest benefits of an interactive local campaign is the trackability. You see your return on investment working for you.


  • Website Design and Redesign
  • Content writing
  • Bid Management
  • Paid Placement
  • Keyword Management
  • Content Management and Ongoing Maintenance

Your website is your online billboard, and to achieve high website visibility, search engine rankings and enhanced conversion rates you need an Internet Marketing campaign that will generate a stream of traffic to your website. We will ensure your practice is listed on the top search engines and local search directories.

SEO is ideal for… SEM is ideal for…
Long term, economical results Instant visibility and traffic
High organic search engine rankings Running ads at peak times
Attracting qualified traffic Targeted exposure over limited periods
Sustainable results Responding to supply and demand
Building patient trust and practice image Quick set-up

Get Your Medical Practice Proactive in Social Search:

Make sure you are listed on the major social media sites and that your profile and medical office information is up-to-date and accurate as possible.

  • Include your website in your listings and start promoting these sites and stimulating positive reviews from some of your patients to get the ball rolling in your favor. (Some of the review sites appear to list businesses with more reviews above others when people do local searches.)
  • Start publishing your positive reviews in other forms of communication (radio, TV commercials, direct mail, etc). These testimonials can add to your marketing message and act as subtle reminders to other happy patients that they might want to post reviews as well.
  • Add a few reviews of your favorite local businesses, particularly those you may have strategic relationships with.

A good first step in making your valuable medical services to patients is using social media and other low-cost marketing tools.