Generating and nurturing the sources of your referral are just as important as attending a medical symposium or a local community luncheon. 94th Street Marketing
Group defies conventional thinking and approach when developing a physician referral program. Our referral program can enhance your medical practice relationship with your local primary care physicians, leading to an increased referral base and improved productivity.

No one actually takes on the responsibility of effectively managing physician relationships, because physician relations are often fragmented with different people at different levels. Our program can effectively market a physician’s specialty by implementing a hands-on physician relations program with clearly defined objectives. Many physicians may not recognize their referral opportunities within their target area.

When was your last referral from a neighboring primary care physician in your area?

If you don’t know what your referring primary care physicians are looking for, or their needs, you should STOP GUESSING, and Call US!

We take the stress out of calling a potential referral source. We seek to increase referrals for specific clinical service areas by facilitating relationships between referring physicians and office management within a specific area around your medical practice.