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  • Advertising can be very powerful, but it has to be in the right market for the right practice with the right objectives

  • As a physician specialist do you know what your Primary Care Physicians are seeking in your local area?

  • Marketing a medical practice is different than marketing shoes

We Are Not Just Another Agency

Marketing is Substance! Marketing is an Investment! And like all investments, you should trust it to professionals that not only understand the principles, but also understand the market, and the services. Marketing a medical practice is different than marketing shoes. More

Who We Are

Today we are one of the only integrated marketing agencies that focus solely on medical specialists--allergists, podiatrists, cosmetic surgeons, ophthalmologists, orthopedists, pain management specialist and dentists. We just like assisting doctors, to Grow Their Practices, Build Their Brand, and Generate New Patient Leads. More
Not Just Another Agency

What We Do

We make your medical practice and services stand out from the crowd, we take the unconventional approach and thinking when developing campaigns to grow your medical practice. More

Case Study

Podiatric Surgeon, Dr. Yolanda Ragland, of Fix Your Feet in New York City, wanted to expand her medical practice to the Washington,DC, area. Twice a month she would travel to Washington,DC, to see patients. Unfortunately, no one was responding to her radio ads. More

Online Marketing

We are the agency that can help you optimize your website locally to increase and preserve your organic rankings. Our goal is have you rank higher not only for generic health keywords for your practice, but for the specific health cases you want to generate NEW patient leads for. More